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Revolutionizing the Canadian MGA space

How? By developing groundbreaking insuretech Quote/Bind/Issue underwriting Portals and responsive, innovative insurance products. Professional implementation is facilitated by synergistic stakeholder partnerships. The Juste model affords outstanding efficiencies with automated underwriting supported by seasoned professionals.

Juste creates efficiencies at all points in the MGA process.

Our insurer partners benefit from well-defined and executed algorithmic underwriting that enables insurers to reduce their office footprint. Through Juste, they can penetrate desirable new markets profitably and with respect for their underwriting principles and guidelines. Risk and exposure are analyzed in real time with intelligent selection and rating. Juste is positioned to automate any given risk class that our markets wish to support.

Our broker partners benefit from automated real-time quoting, ease of presentation, monthly terms with embedded premium financing, and on-the-spot binding.


Our ultimate client is YOUR client. Imagine the delight and surprise of being able to obtain terms in minutes with embedded premium financing and clear monthly payment terms, as well as confirm coverage bound at the press of a button!

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Simple, with innovative technology supported by a visionary team. Our advanced underwriting utilizes groundbreaking insurtech tools for seamless quoting, binding, financing and issuance. Our insurance Portal products are carefully developed and constantly updated in response to broker needs and changing market dynamics.

The result is truly efficient, reliable and timely solutions. We are devoted to providing the highest-quality broker resources unique to the Canadian MGA marketplace.

The MGA revolution has begun.